Football players tackle injury with Massage Therapy

Football Players Benefit from Massage Therapy


Sports massage is a little different in that it has a specific physical goal; to help prevent injury- or in the event of injury, to help heal it as part of a therapeutic program. It’s very different from a relaxing massage at a spa; it’s designed to work into the tissues to elongate.

Professional athletes push their body to the limit on a daily basis whether during off season training or during in season games. Expediting recovery is crucial to a professionals career and to their team. That's why more and more athletes are incorporating Sports Massage Therapy as part of their rehabilitation process.

It’s safe, natural and in many instances, more effective once realized. Massage therapy can help speed up the healing process and prevents re-injury. Athletes who have regular sports massage therapy have benefitted by recovering fully from their injuries to preventing long-term problems.


  1. Reduces Muscle Tension
  2. Enhances athletic performance. Massage improves blood flow, feeding vital nutrients and oxygen to the muscles. The result is improved overall health of muscles helping the body rebuild itself.
  3. Increased range of motion. Muscle improves your range of motion and flexibility, resulting in increased performance and power on the field.
  4. Decreased recovery time after exercise. Waste products (carbonic and lactic acid) build up in the muscles following intense exercise. Massaging increases blood flow, therefore, toxins are eliminated from the muscles faster.
  5. Prevents and heals injuries. Massage therapy improves soft tissue functions. It stretches connective tissue, improving circulation and preventing or breaking down adhesions. It also enhances secretion of certain fluids, including nitrogen and Sulphur, needed for tissue repair.

Sports massage is safe and effective for football players and other athletes of all ages. To learn more about massage for football players call Sergio at 646-239-4751 for a free consultation and book your next appointment.